About Me

Name: Fakhri Bassam Safi Awawda

Hometown: Deir Debwan, Palestine

Major and School/College:

Neuroscience/Psychology in College of Arts & Sciences

I am a Palestinian who inspires to be doctor. I grew up here in Syracuse, NY. I am a big sports fan and you will often catch me in the gym lifting weights or playing basketball. I am very involved in the Muslim community here in Syracuse as I also attended the Ihsan School of Excellence, which is the only full-time Islamic school in Syracuse. I am a big advocate of human rights, and work hard to help those who are in need.
In terms of the fine arts, I am very interested in art that has a greater meaning. What I mean by that is, I love to see art that is about a certain conflict or event. I like to see art that reflects the hardships of people who have struggled from injustice and systematic oppression. That is art that means a lot to me because it is what means the most to me, and it’s something that’s extremely important when an individual’s voice can’t be heard. Moreover, in terms of the performing arts I very much enjoy nationalistic traditional music.

I believe writing about art encounters is extremely important in giving a whole new perspective to something. Sometimes individuals have a certain way of looking at art or gain a specific experience that can really make a difference. Not only that, but when you write about art there may be people who relate to your explanation or your experience which can go a long way. One can express his or her feelings and emotions that can relay a special message. In addition to that, you can gain new experiences and interests in new arts that you may have not know about, and that in itself is pretty cool.